Canadian Temporary Foreign Workers

"In 2003, the Alberta Hotel Association undertook a pilot project to assist its members in addressing labour shortages by utilizing the FWP. The project involves bringing trained Filipino nationals to work in member establishments for a period of one year...

With assistance from the Association, each employer communicates and coordinates with a designated recruitment agency in the Philippines,
Energy Manpower Services Inc., to identify and issue formal job
offers to foreign workers..."

Grant Thornton LLP, "Analysis of Foreign Worker Program Options to Address Labour Shortages in the Tourism Industry: Applied to Kootenay Region’s Housekeeper Labour Shortage" p.21, February 2006.

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The Canadian Temporary Foreign Workers Program allows Canadian Employers to hire Filipinos to fill-in the growing labor shortage in Canada.

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Energy Manpower Services Inc. is duly accredited with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration