Initially, you will have to apply with the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) to specify the number of temporary foreign workers you require.

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When your application is approved, HRSDC will provide you with a document called "Labour Market Opinion" (LMO).

While waiting for the approval, we will be providing you with a lists of prospective applicants, these applicants are all trained in the Canadian Occupational Standards.

When you have chosen from the list of applicants, we can then organize and coordinate the interview process to further narrow down your choices.

After finalizing your list of accepted applicant, you will then have to forward there names to HRSDC to complete your LMO application.

Upon recieving your approved LMO's, you can then forward it along with the individual employment contracts to us so we can finalize the necessary documentation for the Philippine Government and visa filing of your new employees.